Tivoli Directory Integrator - the Best Free Tool You’ve Never Heard Of - April 28th

Chris Miller  April 12 2010 01:37:03 PM
 Tom Duff is back, this time with Marie Scott covering an often overlooked tool in the developer arsenal
Tivoli Directory Integrator - the Best Free Toll You've Never Heard Of (the Developer Perspective)
Tivoli Directory Integrator, or TDI for short, is a great (free!) tool you can use in your Domino environment.  TDI moves and formats data from a large list of different data sources and targets using preconfigured connectors that come with the package.  And don't be misled by the "Directory" part of the name!  TDI can take data from nearly any data source (even directories) and integrate it into nearly any other data source (even directories).

Oh, and did we mention it's free if you're licensed to use Domino?

Join Marie Scott and Thomas Duff as they introduce you to the fundamentals of Tivoli Directory Integrator and then show you how you can set up your own TDI jobs to take your data synchronization requirements to the next level.  In this session, the focus will be on non-directory data integration from a development standpoint, with a future session targeted towards the administrative use of TDI to synchronize directories across operating systems and platforms.

Registration is now open for this incredible addition to the series.