Domino Optimization Tour - perform your own Dominoscopy

As an extension to the Consultant In Your Pocket webinars and books, Spiked Studio launched it's first city for the Domino Optimization Tour at IamLUG on August 4, 2010.

The one day event was packed with best practices across all core Domino areas in order to gain the most performance from your Lotus software environment.

We showed you how to dissect and optimize each portion of your Lotus software infrastructure.  Attendees left the event with usable knowledge in how to gain performance and streamline all the aspects of their environment.

The knowledge, skills and tools gained in this event transcend all Lotus environments, no matter the size of your infrastructure.

Session content

The goal is to create a flow throughout the day with each session building upon the prior sections.  Feel free to bring your own laptop and play along on a virtual test server or connect live to your own servers.  Or bring a pen and paper for furious note taking.

This will be a single day and all materials will be available to access online when you return to your environment.

Sessions will cover diverse areas, as shown below.  Each segment will be highly focused and move at a rapid rate in order to cover tools, tricks and best practices that you need to know.

Free tools will be provided as links for download (to attribute the creator) and sample databases will be downloadable as well.

Sessions (order may change)
Single day
Early registration discount for seminar
Optimizing Mail Routing
Optimizing HTTP in Domino
Optimizing Agent Manager
Optimizing User Policies
Optimizing Domino Security
Optimizing Directory Services
Optimizing Server Performance - disk, network and more
Content access online
Cost of seminar - in USD

All of these sessions will be available in PDF mode as well shortly.

The above is the session listing at the time of publication.  The current sessions will be specified during the registration process.  Please verify your invoice and contact us with any questions below.

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