What’s New in IBM Domino Designer 9.0

Chris Miller  April 2 2013 06:03:00 AM
We are pleased to announce the What's New In IBM Domino Designer 9.0 webcast from Consultant In Your Pocket.  This webcast will feature a panel of IBM business partners giving their opinions on enhancements, features and more.
Paul and Kathy will discuss What is New in Domino Designer 9.  There are lots of improvements in Designer including new elements, new resources, and new help.  New controls and classes have been added for XPages, including spell check for the CKEditor and ... server-side JavaScript debugging!

Panelists include:
  • Paul Calhoun of NNSU
  • Kathy Brown of PSC Group

Registration for the webcast is open!     It will be held April 11, 2013 at 10am CST.

You can stream any previous webcast at the Consultant In Your Pocket site and on YouTube.  Recent webcasts include: